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Are You Tired of Leaving the

Golf Course

Feeling Miserable?


Are You Tired of Leaving the Golf Course

Feeling Miserable?

What if it wasn't your swing, but your

scorecard that is holding you back?

What if it wasn't your

swing, but your

scorecard that is holding you back?

Golfers spend their hard earned money to partake in a game that they should enjoy.

Scoring is the culprit and the constant reminder of past shortcomings displayed on a scorecard leads to avoidable mistakes!

Don't Have a Stroke allows you to keep your mind free by tracking your score, while also hiding it from you.

Because when you look at a golf course's regular scorecard, you become distracted and that leads to your misery.

Any distraction by prior performance can compromise a golfer's mechanics.

By acting as a Sports Psychologist in your golf bag, Don't Have a Stroke eliminates the reminder of past scores that negatively influence your play on any future holes.

What you need is a means and method of keeping score without the distraction of scores made on past holes.

Forget the pressure. Just play!

Amp up your game anytime, anywhere.

Enhances The Game Experience

By not focusing on your score, you allow yourself to free your mind AND your golf swing!

Offers Tips to Improve Your Performance

Our pregame tips will act as your own Sports Psychologist to allow you to play your best game!

Reduce Your Score Up to 5 or More Strokes

"Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears."

-Bobby Jones

How It Works

Use this new kind of scorecard to hide your score and help you focus on one shot at a time!

On the back, you're able to record and update your yardages so that you can improve your game and be YOUR own coach out on the golf course!

A Gadget That Will

Change Your Game

Golf is a game of focus. Players need to relax when they address the ball. All too often, golfers get anxious about their score.

In turn, making their muscles tighten, and affecting the power of their swing. They are so focused on winning that they start losing.

Don’t Have a Stroke reminds you to: breathe, forget about the last shot, focus on the next, and truly enjoy the game.

Keep Your Mind On

The Game

To be good at golf, you need skill and strategy. But overcoming any distractions you might face on the course is not easy. By tuning them out, reminding you to keep breathing, and remember to follow through with your swing, Don’t Have a Stroke keeps your head in the game and increases the overall enjoyment.

Get on the course, relax, leave the scoring to us, and watch your game take off!

Win the Mental Game

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